What we do

Creative, credible Communications campaigns that produce consistent coverage, exciting exposure and a strong voice in the places that matter to you and your customers.

Panache is a wonderful PR Company - always looking for the best opportunities for their clients.
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A small but creative communications agency...

We love to work as closely with you as we can! In an ideal world we seamlessly become part of your everyday team, planning a PR programme to perfection, acting as your press office, your creative consultant, your crisis management and your go-to girls for all things communication.

Most of our clients come to us on recommendation and almost certainly stay for years. We specialise in food and drink so we have a menu of services in case you don’t have time for a long lunch! Our fees are reasonable and transparent allowing a great degree of flexibility, indeed many of our clients have been start-up businesses and we have grown together. What do you need?

Public Relations

The complete communications solution – working closely with you to ensure your company is talking effectively to all its stakeholders – internally and externally. We make sure your communications reflect the values of your company, shout successfully about your products and probably most importantly sell what you have to sell to as many people as possible.

Panache Projects

Whether it be a single press release, managing your showcase conference from start to finish, or simply helping you to launch a product or new idea, Panache can step in, become the familiar face of your communications and make it work beautifully

Media Relations

Acting as your press office, creating communications that grab the media’s attention so you can grab your customer’s attention. We can build a bank of stories, press packs, images and communication tools for your organisation. Who needs an in-house press office when you have Panache?

Media Training

Either on an individual basis or in groups but always individually tailored for you and your company and its issues. Credible, realistic interviews provide the ideal practice ground to hone those answers, create strategic messages and provide a safe team of people who can promote and protect your business.

Presentation Training

Designed for individuals or for groups this course can transform the way both you and your team present yourself on a daily basis, in meetings, presentations and for prestigious events. Using a camera to reflect the ‘real you’ is a powerful way to see how you perform and to perfect that performance in a safe and encouraging environment.